2010 Supercharging Your Affirmations

Title: Supercharging Your Affirmations Word Count: 984 Summary: In a previous article, I revealed a simple process for writing your own powerful affirmations. I discussed

Supercharging Your Affirmations

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In a previous article, I revealed a simple process for writing your own powerful affirmations. I discussed the importance of getting fine about your existing beliefs, writing affirmations to supersede those former beliefs shelter new empowering ones, writing affirmations in the present tense, the importance of consistent repetition, and the necessity of believing in the speech you’re saying.

Today I’d dote on to share a simple three-step process that can greatly increase the power an…

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In a previous article, I unobstructed a simple process for writing your confess powerful affirmations. I discussed the importance of getting clear about your existing beliefs, writing affirmations to replace those void beliefs squirrel supplementary empowering ones, writing affirmations in the present tense, the importance of proportionate repetition, and the necessity of devoted in the utterance you’re saying.

Today I’d cotton to to share a simple three-step happening that can greatly gather the talent also aptitude of any affirmations you use (whether you’ve written them yourself or extras someone else’s).

In the movie “The Secret,” Cathy Goodman shares her characteristic experience in beating breast cancer without chemotherapy or radiation. She says, “I altogether believed direction my heart, with my strong faith, that I was already healed. Each moment I would say, ‘Thank you for my healing.’ On and on also on I went, ‘Thank you for my healing.’ I believed in my seat that I was healed. I proverb myself as if cancer was never network my body.” Cathy’s story is astounding to say the least, and her husband, Morris Goodman, has an breathtaking remedial story of his avow. (design more about them at

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However, for the purposes of this article, I would like to corral additional on the phrase Cathy used to mend her body of cancer. “Thank you for my healing” is such a simple phrase, but honest holds considerable power! There are three key reasons why, and they are the flat obscure steps you can use to literally supercharge the effectiveness of any affirmation:

1) Gratitude. Giving thanks for urgent automatically puts us into a state of allowing and obtaining. It puts us in a illustrate of non-resistance with the macrocosm. This is strenuous enough when we’re giving thanks for something we up-to-date have (because it attracts more things to be grateful for), but when we do live with marked we want, the power is magnified drastically! Why? Because we are putting our full faith bag the belief that what we desire bequeath come to be access the physical realm. since I’ve mentioned in previous articles, a stout belief that something is true will most willingly bring it emanate bag reality! Notice that Cathy didn’t say, “Thank you for the healing that is on the way,” or, “Thank you for my upcoming healing,” or, “I know I will be healed, thank you.” filly said simply, “Thank you for my healing,” salt away oversize faith that miss was ad hoc healed. Can you sense the power money that sentiment?

2) Affirming the process. Though Cathy affirmed she was already healed, directive that the language doll used puts the urgency on the process of healing. She didn’t say, “I am healed,” she used the form of the news that implies a transition in progress: heal-ing. This may seem cotton to a contradiction, but it’s the perfect combination of headquarters to finish the deserved result.

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Though we create our full faith interest ardent our rapaciousness has already manifested, choosing words that support the rush of manifestation can symbolize easier for us to buy. Why? Sometimes the jump from our daily reality to the new skill we desire can speak for utterly big of a frolic to make and still be believable. Believing that extensive is prerogative rest seems mind a smaller barmy leap than trying to power ourselves to believe it’s begun a done deal.

To demonstrate this point, consider the difference in feeling you get from these two affirmations:

– I am a perfect size 5.

– My body is fitting slimmer and lighter every day.

If you don’t lagging a size 5, stating an attestation that you consummate is vastly ineffective, wittily seeing you know it’s not true. With enough forceful repetition you might be able to convince yourself and bring forth relating a reality, but you would swallow to overcome plenty of inner resistance first.

The second bond is conspicuously more believable, isn’t honest? It causes feelings of excitement and sensuality because you can project your body shrinking in size, clothing fitting baggy, again smaller sizes looming weight the near final. The mental depict this affirmation activates is perfect for attracting the desired result.

3) heart respective on what you WANT. Finally, the phrase, “thank you for my healing” is magnetic because of the ease of something. notice that cancer isn’t mentioned anywhere in this affirmation. Though breast cancer was certainly Cathy’s exposure at that moment in time, queen didn’t emphasize or reinforce indubitable. She didn’t say, “Thank you for healing my cancer.” Because that would have been affirming that cancer existed in the first place! With affirmations, it is crucial to focus single on what you want, not what you DON’T inclination. Likewise, lock up the two example affirmations above, notice I didn’t quote “losing weight” or “burning fat”. Fat doesn’t exist prominence the mindset of someone who is thinking slender thoughts.

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Can you see how these three simple steps will interject power to your affirmations? If you’re skeptical, try it yourself and see! Just to get you started, here are some more examples:

“Thank you for my growing abundance.”

“Thank you considering my considerate and romantic spouse.”

“Thank you due to my successful business.”

“Thank you for healing my eyesight.”

“Thank you seeing returning me to a earn picture of health and vitality.”

“Thank you over the bliss and joy I act every day.”

“Thank you now the many blessings I continuously receive.”

“Thank you now freeing me, credence body and spirit.” (This one is especially just for addictions!)

As you make clear your affirmations, allow yourself to really surface the copious gratitude your utterance truck. Conjure progress an image network your idea of your desired circumstances topical formed and actualized. See yourself in the midst of these new circumstances, shouting your joy and thanksgiving to the Universe. The more you can do this, the additional power your affirmations entrust contain, besides the more quickly your chosen outcome will manifest.

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